• Obstacle Recognition System for the Blind

    Project Title:
    Obstacle Recognition System for the Blind

    Our team has an interest in using the practicum requirement of this course as an opportunity to create a device that could have the potential to aid the disabled. In particular, we are interested in designing a device to help the blind as we realize the value of being able to sense our environment through sight. Blind people always need an aid that can help them avoid collision with obstacles. This system will help them to detect obstacle just by vibrating before blind person reaches near obstacle....

  • Distributed Monitoring and Mining

    The Distributed Development Monitoring/Mining tool will augment the capabilities of current collaboration tools(Assembla, Redmine, etc.) to provide more relevant data for the project decision-making process. This will be accomplished by collecting and modeling historical project data to predict, in real time, the health of an in-progress project and to alert the project stakeholders when signs of trouble are detected....

  • EE Tracker

    Daimler Truck North America (Freightliner) Test Vehicle EE Tracking System


    Develop a web based tracking system to catalogue incremental changes, updates, and issues for functional test
    vehicles. Should include all production level and prototype changes to vehicle electrical and electronic...


    Building Ambient Conditions Over the Network (B.A.C.O.N.)

    See the BACON in action!
    All of the BACON units were pulled since the project was completed.

    A device for monitoring environmental conditions in your server room without emptying your wallet. The BACON modules can be distributed throughout a network, providing information on the temperature, humidity, noise and light level in each server room....

  • Operation: Awesome

    ECE411 Practicum Project - The Blinking Frisbee

    Weekly Progress Reports - Reports
    Team Communication - IRC
    Project Information - Project
    Circuit Overview - Circuit Design
    Software List and Links - Software

  • sastrand-clientrepeat

    A tool for independent service providers to track their clients' rescheduling and tipping

  • Investigation of Air Data Systems

    Galois - Why Do Airplanes Crash?

  • ECE 478 - KHR-1

    KHR-1 Robot

  • rhorrace-chatapp

    Chat application for CS 300

  • Sefit

    purpose: other project (storing files for, a research project in the group of Prof Mark Weislogel)

  • BFLD

    The Blank Fired Laser Device (BFLD) is a blank-fire actuated laser-based training device that attaches to the MIL-STD-1913 rail.

  • Real Time Picture Sharing

    A project featuring product-line engineering for photo capture and sharing on Android devices.

  • EE Tracker

    Daimler Truck North America (Freightliner) Test Vehicle EE Tracking System


    Develop a web based tracking system to catalogue incremental changes, updates, and issues for functional test
    vehicles. Should include all production level and prototype changes to vehicle electrical and electronic...

  • practicum-project-ece411

    The Practicum Project

  • Mbad


  • Parametric Fault Isolation Tester Development

    Project Title:
    Parametric Fault Isolation Tester Development

    Design an affordable and easy to use parametric fault isolation tester that has the ability to do voltage application, curve tracing, latch up testing, short on power analysis, and report generation. It will also be able to effortlessly interface with other tools used during the testing process and will have the capability of testing new products with a simple upgrade to a new family PCB....

  • pong

    Digital ping pong. Two players bat an electronic signal on an LED board (the "ball") back and forth by sending signals to the embedded microcontroller via IR detectors

  • PSU ETM Wiki

    Wiki for PSU ETM (Engineering & Technology Management)

    For How To Guides, BKM (Best Know Methods) and any other interesting stuff.

    Any ETM student can have edit rights - see first page of Wiki for how to request premission....

  • Renaissance

    The Renaissance parallel Object-oriented programming project

    • Bohr

      Bohr robot is a face on a mobile metal base with camera and metal arm.

    • Bugishnakov

      Dancing hexapod, currently re-purposed to use RF with OpenCV for face tracking ("Watch-a-makov")

    • CNC DRAN Arm

      This project's undertaking is to update the hardware on a DTRAN-3200 and 3000 Arm to operate under a modern operating system. A secondary goal of this project is to drive the arms using modern CNC software for milling, drilling, and tracing.


    • Einstein

      Distinguished robot body made of wood on a mobile metal base with expressive face, vision, and eventually speech.

    • Hexie

      Small six-legged 'hexapod' with passive walking system and movable head. Hexie is currently controlled via video game controller.

    • ISOBOT Soccer

      All good things come in small packages. According to the Guinness Book of World Records i-SOBOT, with dimensions H: 6.5" x W: 3.8" x D: 2.6“ is the world’s smallest mass produced humanoid robot. It responds to roughly 140 IR Commands....

    • Marauderbot Beginner's Workshop

      A four-hour once-a-month workshop.

    • PeopleBot

      Following in the tracks of PeopleBot is GuideBot. GuideBot is a extension of PeopleBot prototyping the basics of guiding visitors on a tour of the Engineering Labs. The project so far lays the necessary foundations on which such a robot can be built.

      PeopleBot is a awesome testbench, used to test new concepts ranging from human interaction, face/feature recognition, autonomous navigation etc....

  • Straylight

    Pseudo-Theremin with Sample Sequencer

    Group number: 09
    Dennis Gilbert
    Walter Hudson
    Khoa Nguyen
    G.Hewage Thushara

  • wi2013ece412-civil

    The purpose of the project is to rebuild the 22kip load frame in EB370.

  • icm-chatapp

    Chat application in Java for Spring 2018

  • T16 - Dynamo hub powered LED lighting system
    Group members:
    • Robert Flory
    • Trevor Conant
    • Aziz Almesned
    • Omar Saadoun

    Many models of bicycle front dynamo hub are available. Commercially available lighting systems which make use of the generated power often do not meet the needs of commuter cyclists....

  • wdenhart-nirc

    CS300 Chat Program Term Project

  • yco-chatapp300


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